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Rise Together Ministries is God-centered and focused on bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to all who have ears to hear. 

Rise Together Ministries believes in the discipleship making process and encourages people of faith to come alongside others in their communites and develop a real relationship while sharing the Good News of the Gospel and how it has worked in our own lives. 

There are many avenues through which Rise Together Ministries works toward this goal.

First and foremost is a heartfelt desire to reach the lost for the purpose of bringing glory and honor to our Father.

Secondly, we seek to bring about positive change in the lives of individuals and communities where we reside in order that they too may come to know the peace and love that can only be obtained through the generosity of our God by giving his Son for the forgiveness of our sin. 

Thirdly, we serve our God and community through businesses which engage the left out, rejected and dejected people. These businesses include our Thrift Shop, Woodworking Business, and Commercial Cleaning Services. These businesses do not profit a corporation but the very people whom you live next to and people who need a helping hand in our society. 

Carpentry Work

Our Ministries

Our WOODWORKING ministry seeks to bring about positive change in the lives of people who are having a hard time finding someone to lend them a hand. We search for hardworking people who we can help and mentor for a successful career. 

Rise Together seeks to do just that in a community that has been forgotten by society. We are called to make disciples and this is one unique way we can address  both the spiritual and physical needs of individuals. 

COMMERICAL CLEANING is another way Rise Together serves the individuals both by sharing Christ and His teachings, as well as assisting, teaching and monitoring job performance to help to achieve a high degree of success in the world while emphasizing the true path toward peace, Jesus Christ. 

This discipleship of spiritual discovery is motivated through the command given to us by Christ. The command that we are to make disciples of all nations.  

Our THRIFT SHOP has become a beacon for reasonable shopping for many of our areas citizens. We seek to serve the community by providing a store where everyone can afford items they need like clothing, home furnishings, books and more - all with a focus on serving our community and its people by spreading the hope and joy we have in Jesus.

We hope our businesses and ministries can bring hope, peace and change in every individual we work alongside. 




"To bring the healing of Jesus Christ through disciple
making movement to ethnically and economically diverse people in

St. Louis and beyond."

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